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The Story of Ghost Girl: Tears: Part 10-11
Part 10:
Later that night Ghost Girl and Foxy got ready for the party, but Ghost Girl was a bit suspicious about the party, since her birthday would begin when the clock strikes twelve. Dark Goldy let Foxy borrow one of his suits for the party, so that he would look nice rather than a broken pirate fox. Ghost Girl didn't have any dresses, so she decided to make one herself, with black, red, and grey fabric. When she finished making the dress, she tried it on, brushed her hair, put it in a ponytail, and finally put some dark grey eyeshadow on.
When Foxy went to the basement to get Ghost Girl, he was shocked to see how beautiful she looked. "Wow," says Foxy in shock, "ye look beautiful Ghost Girl!" Foxy finishes off. Ghost Girl giggled a bit and started to slightly blush. "Thank you Foxy, you look nice as well." says Ghost Girl. "Yer welcome." says Foxy as he smiles and his cheeks turn a light red. Foxy and Ghost Girl walk to the kitchen and find that the lights aren't on, so they walk i
:iconfrostwing6789:FrostWing6789 2 1
The Story of Ghost Girl: Part 9
Days went by as Foxy and Ghost Girl became a bit more than just friends, and it was quite obvious that they could see that they liked each other. Every-time that Dark Goldy saw Ghost Girl and Foxy doing something together, he'd always interfere for what he calls "his fun time". It was the day before Ghost Girl's birthday and Foxy was wanting to make her birthday special and not full of annoying things from Dark Goldy being a brat. Ghost Girl was wondering around the pizzeria when suddenly she heard Foxy call out. "Hey Ghost Girl!" Foxy was walking over to the West Hall where Ghost Girl was at. "Y-yeah?" Ghost Girl said as she turned around. Foxy was smiling happily as he held a rose on his back. "I was looking through the roses outside and found the most beautiful rose that reminded me of you." Said Foxy as he handed Ghost Girl the beautiful red rose. Ghost Girl looked at the rose, smiling, and hugged Foxy as she blushed. "Thank you, I love it." whispered Ghost Girl happily. Foxy smile
:iconfrostwing6789:FrostWing6789 1 1
The Story of Ghost Girl: Tears: Part 8
It was almost midnight and both Ghost Girl and Foxy had accidentally fell asleep next to each other in the basement. Dark Goldy walked down into the basement with an air horn to wake up Foxy and Ghost Girl. He quietly laughed as he saw them sleeping together. Then Dark Goldy pressed to the button to it, while plugging his ears. "Wakey, wakey you sleepy heads." Said Dark Goldy. Foxy and Ghost Girl woke up in such surprise as Dark Goldy laughed. "Why the hell are you two sleeping next to each other?" questioned Dark Goldy as he walked down the last few steps to the stairs. "None of ye business Dark Goldy!" said Foxy as he fixed his eyepatch. "Oh alright then." Said Dark Goldy as he continued. "Well why don't you at least tell me what time it is?" Dark Goldy finished off as he pointed to the very old, but fixed clock. "It's almost midnight, so what?" said Ghost Girl as she stared at Dark Goldy. "Good, now hurry up, Mike will be here soon." Said Dark Goldy. "Oh and by the way Ghost Girl, y
:iconfrostwing6789:FrostWing6789 1 0
The Story of Ghost Girl: Tears: Part 7
Foxy and Ghost Girl ate some of the pizza and talked to each other for a while. "So, did you like your present that I made?" said Ghost Girl as she held the stuffed animal that Foxy made her. "Ar, I did." Foxy said as he held the stuffed animal that Ghost Girl had made for him. "I thought would!" Ghost Girl said as she blushed. A hour of fun went by as Ghost Girl and Foxy became closer friends than before she was alive. Ghost Girl and Foxy ran inside the pizzeria exhausted. "That was fun!" said Ghost Girl as she sat down next to Foxy who was out of breath from playing tag. "I agree, that was fun." Foxy said as he sat down. Chica brought both Foxy and Ghost Girl a water bottle and smiled as she saw that they had fun. "Seems like you two had fun." Said Chica as she handed them each a water bottle. "We had a lot of fun running around trying to tag each other." Ghost Girl said as she opened her water bottle. Foxy drank some of the water and then poured the rest on Ghost Girl. "Hey!" Ghost
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FNIA Purple Kaylia
Hello people, I decided to draw something that tied my friends Five Nights at Kellie's Purple Kaylia with Mairusu-Paua's Five Nights in Anime. I'm fairly new with drawing in detail so I know it's not the best ^^;

Artwork © DarkStarandKillerDog
Purple Kaylia © FrostWing6789
FNIA © Mairusu-Paua

Please don't steal, copy, repost, or re-color my artwork. Thank you :)


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